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Millwoods Tuesday Auction FREE


Millwoods started out as a reason for The West Midlands Transport Stadium to open up on a regular basis every Tuesday which is traditionally a quiet day in the social club world.

The aim of the night is to bring people together who make most or some of their income from trading either via auctions or car booting. It provide a friendly environment where families could go to and de-clutter their household or add new collections as taste change from time to time and what was unfashionable some time ago is now all the rage in the sales rooms.

At the moment the head quarters for this is The West Midlands Transport Stadium and we aim to help other social clubs to add a popular night to the program as auctions are interesting and flexible for anytime during the week.

At Millwoods auction the rules are simple: The auction actually start at 7pm GMT, however, vendors or sellers can bring their items to sell from 12 noon. This give the opportunity for those who are working to drop things of during their lunch breaks. Any guarantee is between the seller/vendor and the buyer.

Millwoods do not offer any guarantee on any item so all items are sold as seen.

There is a premium on all items sold. At present Millwoods charge 50 p extra on all items. Therefore is something sells for £10 the actual price is £10.50. Like wise if an item is sold for £20 the actual price is £20.50.

There is a 20% commission on all items sold. If the item didn’t sell then there is no commission.

All sold and unsold item must be removed from the venue when the night has finished. Any items left over will be disposed off and the person who own the items risks being barred from the venue.

Millwoods is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any items.

Millwoods do not tolerate any abusive behaviour or language.

Millwoods is now offering house clearance, furniture renovation and franchising service so if you want to be part of a growing entertainment and service business then contact us via the website or via the phone 0746 805 8375.

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