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Once again the jiving jazz juggernaut that is the Birmingham Jazz Festival swings into the city, full of joy as ever; gleaming with musical integrity, bereft of the bruisings of budget cuts from above and even the blows of Brexit. Working with the calm canny vision that seems to have eluded most of the rest of the world’s political high and mighty, Big Bear Music has once again waved a musical magician's wand to present no fewer than 229 performances in 112 Birmingham venues! Quite how they do it beats me. But – were it not for the fact that creating the UK’s best jazz festival takes up a sizeable portion of any 24/7 schedule – I suspect that they could round up Kim Jong Un, Presidents Trump and Putin and Teresa May; bring them to the table of a favourite Chinese restaurant and have them singing hit tracks from the Big Bear record label (50 years old as we go to press!) before the prawn crackers arrive.

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Water's Edge


B1 2HL Birmingham GB

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