Arena Birmingham

0844 338 8000

King Edwards Road

B1 2AA

Birmingham GB

Formerly Barclaycard Arena

Home to everything from record breaking sports to Mickey Mouse and friends; from the latest pop sensations to side splitting comedy from some of the world’s best comics, Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena is bigger and better than ever bringing you events you won’t want to forget!


Michael McIntyre 11 May - 12 May

11 May - 12 May

Comedy at Arena Birmingham


Diljit Dosanjh 7:30pm

19 May, 7.30pm

World Music at Arena Birmingham


Bill Bailey 8:00pm

2 Jun, 8.00pm

Comedy at Arena Birmingham


Demi Lovato 8:00pm

12 Jun, 8.00pm

World Music at Arena Birmingham


Katy Perry 7:00pm

18 Jun, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Arena Birmingham


Lenny Kravitz 7:30pm

20 Jun, 7.30pm

Rock & Pop at Arena Birmingham

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Russell Peters 7:00pm

24 Apr, 7.00pm

Classical at Arena Birmingham


Tears for Fears 7:00pm

5 May, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Arena Birmingham

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