Prince of Wales, Moseley

0121 449 4198

118 Alcester Road

B13 8EE

Birmingham GB

The Prince used to be a classic spit and sawdust boozer and our front bar remains true to this tradition. There’s no spit, no sawdust but it is still a proper boozer.

A real fire, good old fashioned leather bench seating and a stunning selection of real ales and single malts. We do have a large screen TV for major sporting events and the Front Bar is a great place to watch Football and Rugby.


Sing Political 8:30pm

13 May, 8.30pm

Folk at Prince of Wales, Moseley


Sing Political 8:30pm

10 Jun, 8.30pm

Folk at Prince of Wales, Moseley

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Sing Political 8:30pm

8 Apr, 8.30pm

Folk at Prince of Wales, Moseley

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