Island Bar

0121 632 5296

14-16 Suffolk Street Queensway

B1 1LT

Birmingham GB

At island bar, Birmingham on Suffolk Street, Queensway we’ve brought together some of Birmingham’s finest bartenders under one roof, mixed them up with great guitar music, some funky furnishings and a great drinks and cocktail selection. Unlike most of the chain-led operations in town our bartenders are encouraged to use their imagination and skills to create great drinks for you. Whether you want a simple pint or a crafted cocktail we’ve got it covered.

Free Wifi


Industry Island 9:00pm

7 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Tiki Thursday 9:00pm

11 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Industry Island 9:00pm

14 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Tiki Thursday 9:00pm

18 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Industry Island 9:00pm

21 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Tiki Thursday 9:00pm

25 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar

Other venues nearby


Tiki Thursday 9:00pm

27 Apr, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Takin' Care of Business 9:00pm

28 Apr, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Industry Island 9:00pm

30 Apr, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar


Mellow Yellow 7:00pm

3 May, 7.00pm

Rock & Pop at Island Bar


Tiki Thursday 9:00pm

4 May, 9.00pm

Club at Island Bar

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