Highbury Theatre Centre

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Sheffield Road
Sutton Coldfield

B73 5HD

Birmingham GB

Highbury Theatre Centre is a Private Membership Theatre situated in a residential area of north Birmingham.

It is on the Cross City Rail Line near Chester Road Station.

When visiting the Theatre by car for performances please park near the railway in Marston Road or in the gravel drive first on the right off Sheffield Road. Please avoid parking in Sheffield Road.

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Dead Man's Hand by Seymour Matthews 30 Apr - 11 May

30 Apr - 11 May

Theatre at Highbury Theatre Centre


Hacksaw Ridge 7:30pm

5 May, 7.30pm

Film at Highbury Theatre Centre


Hi-de-Hi! 22 May - 25 May

22 May - 25 May

Theatre at Highbury Theatre Centre


Dunkirk 7:30pm

8 Jun, 7.30pm

Film at Highbury Theatre Centre


Al My Sons 25 Jun - 6 Jul

25 Jun - 6 Jul

Theatre at Highbury Theatre Centre

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