Centenary Square



B1 2EA

Birmingham GB

Centenary Square is one of Birmingham's newest public squares. It is a popular meeting place and walkway between Broad Street and the canal area and those passing on foot to the city centre. Many live concerts and events take place in the square including the now popular New Years Celebrations. The paving stones and railings were designed by Tess Jaray.

You can take a pleasant walk from Broad Street and the waterside canal area by the NIA, walk indoors through the International Convention Centre with its modern and tasteful interior and out into Centenary Square. From Centenary Square head for the Library and walk through the arcade into Chamberlain Square, Victoria Square and the city centre.

There are a number of examples of public art and buildings in the square such as the Spirit of Enterprise, the torch, Baskerville House and the Hall of Memory. The square was completed in 1991.

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