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Lighten up - Gong & Sound Bath Event


Join us for an opportunity to unwind and lighten up!!

Since ancient times sound gong baths have been used as a consciousness transformating tool. "Gong baths are the new yoga." Elle magazine. Sound has been scientifically proven to enhance a deeper meditative state which remains within the individual for a prolonged time. Furthermore, sound allows your brain to enter into an optimal healing frequency which allows all the peripheral information to turn off. Only then can you begin to address any underlining issues on a deeper level. Therefore, allowing the body's systems to release, relax, re-energise and re-balance to enhance your mental health.

By simply allowing yourself to be immersed in the therapeutic sounds such as gongs, natural crystal quartz bowls, percussions, rattles, harp, windchimes, drums, waterphone, Tibetan bowls and more.

Audiences reviews stated various transformational effects such as pro longed sense of inner peace, improved sleeping patterns, change in consciousness, reduction in stress, greater clarity of the mind, balance of chakra centres and ending of challenging situations.

Just pop along, wear comfortable clothling, bring along your gym mat, relevant cushions and blankets, so that you are as comfortable as possible, lay down, or sit on a chair and allow the frequency to wash over you.

At the end of the musical healing journey you will return relaxed, light and re-energised.

All welcome except for pregnant ladies in their first trimester, individuals with heart and brain devices, or issues with sound frequency.

The facilitators provides a service within the NHS and the community.

Cost £15 + £1.76 booking fee. Early bird offer 25% off £12.71 per booking ends 6 October 2018.

There will be opportunity to indulge in some early Christmas shopping, handcrafted items, natural stones and more.

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