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Memories & Dreams: Understanding & Using them to Benefit You Cancelled


The Interpretation of Dreams is a study of how dreams work and what they mean. Out of his long and painstaking ‘self-analysis’, came Freud’s theory that dreams were fulfilment of our deepest wishes, concealed not only to others but to our conscious selves. In this workshop, we’ll explore why dreams became so central to Freud’s ideas, his intricate analyses of how dreams work, including their symbolism, mechanisms and strange sense of humour. And we’ll ask whether and why, in our age of ever more advanced neurological scans, Freud’s thoughts on dreams are still worth reading and thinking about and how they can benefit you Everyone has memories of past negative experiences they wish they could get rid of, but is it really possible? The second part of this workshop will be explaining and demonstrating a number of practical exercises that help to reprocess negative memories. Imagine if you were able to reprocess negative experiences from your memory, what impact that would have on you today? By addressing these memories, it gives you greater freedom in the present and more control of your decision-making process. It allows you to start making choices based on information, not emotion. Cost of workshop is just £7 Autumn 07455757144

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The Red Lion, Knowle

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