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From South Korea’s city streets, DVDBANG is a new format for the UK.

Half rental shop, half cinema, DVD-bangs are an icon of Korean entertainment culture. In 24 hour districts, the streets hum with neon signs for spaces to pass cold days and nights with friends or strangers, to bond over a shot of soju, instant noodles and a film.

Designed by a London-based collective of ex-expats, designers and builders, DVDBANG is a not-for-profit cinema installation screening South Korea’s finest and wildest imports in a reimagined 24hr private movie room. 8ft HD projection for a maximum of 8 people at a time, DVDBANG is Flatpack’s smallest cinema, screening what you want, when you want. In a glowing foyer, choose from more than 30 South Korean titles, try local snacks and drinks, and get comfy amongst the neon.

Featuring: revenge, comedy, romance, chocolate sticks, beer, dried squid, barley tea, kimchi, sofas, blackout, freebies, dawn discounts and surprise screenings in a cinema like no other.

24 March 2014 –31 March 20142014-03-24T08:00:00Z2014-03-31T09:50:00Z


The Custard Factory

Gibb Square

B9 4AA Birmingham GB

0844 870 0000

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