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Crash Test


LIVE ACTS SO FAR, 10 Guitars, The Sunset Beach Hut, Velum Break


For this test we have searched high and low for your entertainment and as you would expect, it’s of the highest calibre, it's grade A, its proper dope!

Now you know us here at crash test. We love a bloody good party where we can relax & unwind so that is why the crash site is again at yer friendly neighbourhood Muthers Studio (Digbeth) and the guys at Muthers have been busy sourcing beer from all corners of the earth, thrown in a few special offers (Stella & Corona @ £2.30 a bottle for a start..) so you aint breaking the bank, this bank holiday ;-)

So what about the entertainment? Well…

First up we have Velum Break

Velum Break is Electronic music created with synthesizers and sampling. Mixture of gentle, soothing sounds and lush synths to more aggressive acid type tracks. If yer into your Luke Vibert, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Dave Monolith, Rephlex label, braindance, synthesizer worship, misplaced humour. Then you will be into this guy. Velum Break’s live show is a performance type piece, layering and remixing songs. Velum Break has got a lot of stuff lined up for 2018 including performing at this years Shambala! Here is some of his work -

On main support we have The Sunset Beach Hut An indie-pop three piece from Shrewsbury, Sunset Beach Hut are currently riding off the wave from their recent release ‘Comfort’ which is available on Spotify. A demo of their track ‘Comfort’ was BBC introducing Shropshire’s track of the week in 2017 and described as “huge” by the presenters. Have a listen to this little number to give you an insight into the group’s vibe! -

First Headline show of 2018, we have 10 Guitars.

Birmingham based 10 Guitars has been popping up here and there over the music scene but already playing to rammed out venues in Birmingham & Coventry this will be a bloody good show! Electro-Pop splashed with elements of House and Techno, 10 Guitars’ idiosyncratic attitude to music will have you grooving all night long. His recently released debut single ‘Switch Theory’ which has had numerous glowing reviews from blogs & music magazines alike and a particular review from Ryan’s Gig Guide advised that “Live, you get a greater feel for what 10 Guitars can actually do musically and if he can produce this as accurately onstage then I think we have someone very special to look forward to.” Well he can and here is the track they were on about…

Well, there you have it! three cracking live acts which will have you boogieing so hard the DJ’s after will have a bloody hard job to keep up! But don’t worry, they will ;-)

Crash Test. Quality Bands, Quality DJ’s and Quality Beer sorted.

Saturday 5 8.00PMMay

Rock & Pop

The Conservatory @ Muthers

14 Rea Street

B5 6LB Birmingham GB

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