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A Night with "The Frightener" Cancelled


Noel “Razor” Smith was once Britain’s most prolific bank robber and his role within the gang was to act as “the frightener” – he had to scare the terrified bank employees and any unlucky customer to do exactly as they were told.

As a clinically diagnosed psychopath he had all the skills needed for the job.

Noel committed over 200 bank robberies and reckons that he stole over £1 million during the course of his criminal “career”. Needless to say he spent most of his life in prison, but was finally released in 2010, aged 50.

Today he is a Sunday Times bestselling author – of A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun – and a works as a journalist for the national prisoner newspaper Inside Time.

How did Noel turn his life around, and what role did the pioneering prison HMP Grendon play in that process? What sort of family and social background produced a prolific robber and psychopath? Are criminals born or made? Can psychopathy be treated?

These are just some of the questions that form the background to your night with the “frightener”, which will be hosted by one of the country’s leading criminologists – Emeritus Professor David Wilson. This unique event is a must for “true crime” fans and for anyone interested in how to go about changing an offender’s life for the better.

Saturday 4 7.30PMApril


Birmingham and Midland Institute

Margaret Street

B3 3BS Birmingham GB

0121 236 3591

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