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Women Put Yourself First: Empowerment Event


Women 'Put Yourself FIRST' Empowerment Event (Spaces are limited to just 15 women, as we want you to be comfortable on your self-exploratory journey....)

'ME-TIME' "What's That???" I hear you say... It's difficult when you're a mother, aunt, have time for yourself.

Well, this event is designed for you to have 'ME-TIME', giving you space to REFLECT, RELAX & RECHARGE!

You are invited to 'FORGET ABOUT THE WORLD' with self-published author, Porter Wellcome; sharing her poem, "Let the Angel Have Courage" & TRANSFORMATIONAL SPEAKERS who will take you on a journey of:

SELF-REFLECTION - We will begin this event with Life Strategist, Angela P Gordon. She will introduce emotional clearance helping you to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions that hinder your progress. Letting go of these emotions is key to MOVING FORWARD, ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS AND FINDING CONTENTMENT! Angela will gently walk you through this process, supporting the start of your internal journey for the day. Angela has 14 years experience as a Life Coach and is the founder & director of I Love Inspiring, helping people to transform their lives. She has coached clients in America and hosted motivational workshops for women.

SELF-ACCEPTANCE - Encouraging further reflection is Forgiveness Coach, Audreia Josephs. She will share the power of a positive relationship with you. She is a skilled workshop facilitator and motivational speaker helping women to heal from past hurts and ultimately forgive themselves leading them to a MORE FULFILLING LIFE! Audreia is the founder & director of Resilient Minds, helping people find ways to strive and thrive in their lives.

SELF-BELIEF - Ending your internal journey is Empowerment Coach, Debbie Macmillan. She will encourage you to reflect on the previous speakers and to walk in your NEW FOUND CONFIDENCE! Debbie has a vibrant Facebook Page! She has vision board workshops and a successful walking mindfulness group. Debbie's upbeat and warming approach will leave you feeling ENERGISED, RENEWED AND BELIEVING IN YOURSELF TO LEAP INTO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS FOR 2018!

After each speaker, host and Therapeutic Life Coach, Le'Siran will give you space and time for artistic expression, as you will be invited to participate in art therapy, encouraged to REFLECT & RELAX by using your senses, exploring colours and discovering new textures. Art Therapy is known to relieve stress, build confidence, raise self-awareness, heal emotional wounds, nurture feelings of self-worth and help improve your sense of wellbeing.

NB: You don't need to be artistic!!! It's simply a way of experimenting with colours, textures and mindfulness to facilitate your 'Put Yourself First' journey. For those who have not tried art therapy as a form of self-expression, not only have you got nothing to lose by giving it a try but you may be surprised how powerful it can be! Who knows- you may discover something about yourself you didn't know before!

This women's event is like no other, not only do you get 'ME TIME,' TRAILBLAZING MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS TO ENHANCE YOUR SELF-DEVELOPMENT, INSPIRING POETRY & AN OPPORTUNITY TO TRY ART THERAPY you have the opportunity of making more memories by joining us for a COMFORTING TRADITIONAL ROAST DINNER following the event. We know that "EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN" so once the event comes to an end, we hope you will say ..."THIS IS WHAT ME-TIME LOOKS LIKE!"

Spaces are few to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease! Absolutely everything has been handpicked for your comfort! So if you're ready to self-indulge, meet like-minded women and have a good 'ol girls day out BOOK NOW to reserve your space!

*Look out for early bird & 'bring a friend' discounted tickets

Further Details: Date: Saturday 12th May 2018 Time: 2:00pm-6:00pm Light refreshments Free parking Dress code: casual & comfortable Location: Toby Carvery, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2YT Roast Dinner will be provided by Toby Carvery, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield B74 (not included in the price)

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