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Mothers Erdington Reunion FREE


Great Nostalgic day of music with some star VIP guests from the past and present attending. Something not to be missed for people of all ages. We would very much appreciate It if those intending to show up on the day could confirm at the link below so we can judge numbers. Over the next few weeks we will be posting confirmation of Star Guests that might be attending with some big names already showing interest.

MOTHERS MUSIC CLUB 1968-1971 REUNION St Barnabas' Church, Erdington in Birmingham, United Kingdom Saturday, 21 February 2015 10:00 Live Music, Memorabilia, Record Dealers coming together nicely, collection of albums for you to play on a record player, but we are appealing to all on this site, we need more help, we are still looking for funding ,we have a organization in mind ,but we also need more companies or people who might be interested in sponsorship, if you know anyone or a company, please get in, we also need to show these companies or people that there is an interest in this event, we need your help to spread the word to people or bands and artists who went to mothers, we need to boost the numbers coming to the event, at the moment on the event page there are only 39 people coming, for us to get interest for sponsorship ,,these numbers need to rise, also we are having an added feature display photos and posters from the Brumbeat era ,covering the years 1963/ 67,but we are desperate for display boards can anyone help? we have over 200 items, we need people to help us, it would be a shame if this event was not to happen, we need to show people just how important mothers was, you can email me at or directly on 07846842462, thanks Dave,

My memories of Mothers

Just after Christmas 1968 my parents announced they were moving to Weston-super-Mare and I decided I wasn’t going with them. After living in five cities and four towns, attending eight schools and being employed in my third job I was determined to stay in Birmingham. My parents tried their hardest to stop me leaving home but with the help of a work pal I scrapped together the deposit on a bedsitter on Chester Road, Erdington a few miles away.

Not long after I moved into the bedsitter two girls living in the flat next door knocked on my door and introduced themselves, both were at Aston University reading for degrees, Pat was engaged to be married; Sue was single and became a very good friend and introduced me to the music of Leonard Cohen. Sue also took me to a local live music venue named Mothers. Mothers was a five minute walk from where we lived and the list of bands appearing there at weekends was impressive including Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Terry Reid, The Moody Blues, Procol Harem, The Who, Steffanwolf, Family, Deep Purple, Blodwyn Pig, Principle Edwards Magic Theatre, Edgar Broughton to name a few plus the DJ John Peel was in residence selling lesser known records to anyone wanting to buy them. Sue and I were in the Mothers on 27th April to see Pink Floyd when it was announced they were recording one half of their new album Ummagumma.

On the 3rd of May 1969 we made our way to Mothers and joined the long queue of people waiting to go inside. On entry we made our way to the bar and ordered two halves of Ansell’s bitter which cost 1s 3d each, about 11p in today’s money. We then went and stood at the front near the stage. A trio appeared on stage two guitarists and a drummer and they started to play. They were billed as Taste and they were great; in no time at all they had the crowd going when suddenly they stopped playing and all I could hear was the rhythmic stamping of feet on the wooden floor like a heartbeat…thud…thud…thud… I turned my head and looked up at the guitarist who was standing at the front of the stage. To my surprise he was looking down at me, a look or recognition surged through me and I felt myself smiling back at him then after a few seconds he nodded and started to play again. The session ended and band left the stage and people started leaving the club. I wanted to stay behind as I thought we would get to talk to him but not wanting to be seen as pushy or mistaken for a groupie I felt unable to voice my thoughts so followed Sue down the stairs and out onto the street.

Hazel Stanmore-Richards

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World Music

St Barnabas Church

High Street, Erdington

B23 6SY Birmingham GB

0121 306 4820

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