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The Folly's Performers (Advanced) Improv Comedy Course


You've been doing improv for a while. You know you can do more and go deeper. Unlock your creativity and take your improv to the next level. The Folly’s approach is different – organically generated spontaneity, focus on you and the comedy of honest human connection. Acting skills for a theatrical comedy performance.

Maybe you're a performer of some kind, actor, teacher, presenter - you know what it is to go on stage in front of an audience, you know a bit about being directed. You have heard that improv can help you with your work and you'd like to add improv comedy to your skills.

Key Skills developed over the 8 weeks:

  • How to create and play with dynamic tension
  • Identifying and using impulses
  • Go into scenes with courageous collaboration
  • What being compelled by the scene means
  • How to use theatrical wants, needs, objectives in longform
  • What emotions are for & how to use them to create action
  • How to stop talking and get good at using silence
  • How to deal with awkwardness and use your resilience
  • How to use logic and reason without coming off as boringly clever-clever
  • What inference is and how to write a play backwards
  • Get comfortable with surprise, trust, listening and being listened to
  • Make it look like you’re a goddamn mind-reader
  • Practise knowing you, and your team, are amazing.

Starts Monday Feb 10th for 8 Mondays 7pm - 9pm £210.00 Get 20% off with the code LBfolly2020 using the link above

"If we treat each other as if we are geniuses, poets, and artists, we have a better chance of becoming that on-stage." Del Close

We run The Folly Presents... a well-loved, monthly night at the Victoria Pub 48 John Bright Street, B1 1BN where alumni of the classes are encouraged to perform.

Monday 10 7.00PMFebruary


Pint Shop

38 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham

B2 5SN Birmingham GB

0121 236 9039

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