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Learn to Skate FREE


Roller Derby wants you, and Central City Rollergirls want to teach you!

Have you ever wanted to learn to skate? Already have a passion for skating but want to take it further? Bored of just working out in the gym? Looking to be involved in a team sport? If you answered yes to any of the above this event is for you. Every week CCR hold lessons to teach people to skate and learn about the sport roller derby. Who are CCR and what is roller derby? Well here’s a brief introduction. What is Roller Derby? It’s a team sport whereby two teams of skaters take to the track, each team is made up of jammers and blockers. The jammer scores points by overtaking the opposing team’s blockers, the blockers job is to stop them passing. Who are CCR? A group of skaters, referees, coaches and non-skating officials who work hard, play hard and party hard. We have a dedicated programme to nurture new skaters and officials into the world of this ever growing sport. Worried about age? Don’t as long as you are over 18 you can give it a go. Scared you’ll fall over? Don’t worry falling is all part of skating, but we’ll teach you to do it safely and lend you helmet, knee, elbow and wrist protection. Worried about your fitness level? Don’t, this is something we can help you with, you’ll feel fitter and stronger in no time, and have fun and make new friends doing it. Sound good? Then why not come and have your first lesson for FREE!!! No skates? No problem, we will provide everything you need to give skating a go. So what do I need to do next? Simple, just drop us an email and we can have a kit ready for you when you come along. You’ll be in safe hands with our awesome coaches. Looking forward to seeing you very soon….

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Moseley School

College Road,

B13 9LR Birmingham GB

0121 678 6400

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