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If you are looking for an authentic New York nightclub experience, you might want to check out Catch nightclub. It combines all those quirky trends which New York is famous for with New York cuisine and a great nightclub atmosphere.

Downstairs the decor is fully rustic, with some shabby-chic elements. We have wood panelling, wooden seating, wood floorboards, and wooden tables, all in different types and cuts of wood, giving a textured appearance to the room. The exposed brickwork, complete with graffiti, adds to the edge, as do the bare windows and stark lights. The splash of turquoise on the tables and the lights adds an interesting dimension to this venue.

Upstairs the decor is a bit sleeker, with more polished wooden surfaces, giant copper light shades, tiled floors, modern seating, and marble finish on the surfaces. It is by far more industrial, but the seating is more welcoming for a club crowd, with long booths and plenty of small tables.

The restaurant element is perfect. The menu is fairly select, and the fresh seafood is amazing and very well prepared. Everything is delicious and although the prices are New York prices, in this case it is more than worth the cost! Make sure if you are ordering food to enjoy a couple of starters, a main course, and a dessert, to fully enjoy the range of flavours available here.

Both in the restaurant and the nightclub there is a wide range of speciality cocktails, which are delicious and very well mixed. Expect explosions of flavour from your cocktails, so ask your server what is in them so you can work out what you want. When in doubt, they do still offer standard drinks, bottle service, and traditional cocktails, though.

If you make a reservation, this New York club tends to run very much on time both for the restaurant and for the club, so you should be able to show up at the right time and get guided to your table. The staff are very friendly and will do everything possible to make sure you have a great night, so don't hesitate to ask them for anything you need.

The venue is very upscale. You don't want to show up in just anything. You aren't going to be kicked out for arriving in sportswear, but if you choose to wear something casual make sure it looks expensive and put together. You want to really fit in. Even the wait staff are incredibly well groomed and dressed, and you don't want to feel like you're less prepared than the staff.

Most people prefer Catch as a restaurant than as a club, but it is nonetheless fun in the club area, and you will find the music is modern, with some top 40 and some hip hop, and that the venue is a great place to drink, talk, and socialize, albeit perhaps not for dancing. The atmosphere can be a bit pretentious, by day or by night, too.

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