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Impressions Formed of Body-Modified Professionals FREE


People form impressions of others all the time: in certain circumstances it can be a life-changing binary judgement of ‘friend or foe’. Asch’s (1946) personality trait research demonstrated that people are able to form judgements about complex behavioural characteristics with a limited amount of information. More recent work has demonstrated that impressions formed can be influenced by cognitive shortcuts and stereotypes. Such stereotypes may be mis-informed and incorrect, and may even compete with other stereotyped beliefs. Steph’s research aims to explore contemporary definitions of what it is to be a professional and the impact body modifications (tattoos, branding, piercing, scarification, implants, and cicatrisation) have on the impressions formed. Steph’s research aims to make an original contribution in the fields of impression formation, professional occupation definition, and in the development of a taxonomic classification of tattoos. Steph will be sharing her research to date, and seeking informative discussion about areas to consider including, for example, intersectionality.

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