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Utopia/Dystopia: The Good, the Bad and the Basics of Machine Learning

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Utopia/Dystopia: The good, the bad and the basics of Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved far beyond the academic field of computer science, and even science fiction; it has become one of the great concerns and hopes of contemporary society. Data has been called the oil of the 21st Century; a natural resource, the utilisation of which has the potential to radically alter what we produce and how we produce it.

AI-based technologies could liberate us from repetitive labour, equally they could make us obsolete actors living in a crypto-technological dystopia. Public understanding of the technology is critical for ensuring positive outcomes for those living beyond Silicon Valley. However, the software that mines, purifies and valorises data is generally seen as a black-box, shrouded in jargon and mystery. In this talk I will provide a beginners guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), explaining the critical differences when compared to traditional algorithms; outlining some key factors, which should be considered when applying AI/ML approaches.

I will present cases in which AI has been applied with both positive and negative results. Finally, I will demonstrate how we are using AI-based approaches to discover new materials for important technological problems.

Keith Butler was born in Dublin and studied Medicinal Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin. He received a PhD from University College London, with a thesis on computer modelling of the growth and properties of porous framework materials. Since 2010 Keith has been working on using computational approaches to to accelerate the discovery of new materials for green energy applications, he has worked at the Universities of Sheffield and Bath and has held visiting research positions in Tokyo and Xi’an. Keith leads the development of the SMACT software (, which uses artificial intelligence and chemical insights to search for previously unknown materials.

The talk will comprise of an introduction to machine learning and what it actually means. Various examples of the benefits and some of the possible downsides of the technology will be discussed. This talk will include AI brewed beer (I guess whether this is good or bad depends on your perspective!). Following this Keith will show how machine learning is being used to accelerate the discovery of new solar cells.

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