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Yoga Nidra & Sound - New Year’s Resolution Event


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Do you have a friend that needs help? that’s beyond your help. Have you had a difficult year? Do you feel lost or have you been struggling. Give yourself and a friend the gift of Yoga Nidra 2018 Resolution Special and see them alight, turn a corner as you both begin to fulfill your dreams.

                       Theme - New Year’s Resolution/ Sankalpa

We either going to set a New Years resolution and probably break it by the end of February


We have given up making them altogether. A yogic ’Sankalpa’ is one is a deeply profound tools that;

Gets to the root of your desire Strengthens your RESOOVLE Applies a subconsious tool, bringing your wishes into manifestation Figures out what is hindering you Offers an application to reduces and weaken your self sabotage mode .......... Why not; come and design your 2018.

Yoga Nidra

Is a deep form of relaxation to the body, rejuvenates the mind, energies the energy body, re-set your systems and heals on the emotional level. Come and enjoy a system of Yoga where the only posture you do is lying down! In Shivasana/ Corpse Pose you allow my words to become yours, allowing your mind to travel upon a journey with........

Sound Healing

In my repertoire you will hear sounds from; shurti box, singing bowls, percussion instruments, shamanic drum. Either used as sound effects to enhance the theme of the Nidra or in a mini Sound Bath or washed over you as a healing object.

The Benefits of Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing

Includes; Rejuvenates & rebalances your systems > Unleashes your creativity > Clears your mind > Ignites deep healing > Inspires personal growth > Emotionally heals > Reduces physical pain > Release energetic blocks > .....And much more.

See you there.

Please be prompt! Or you may not be able to join us.

Saturday 13 1.30PMJanuary


Birmingham Buddhist Centre

11 Park Road

B13 8AB Birmingham GB

0121 449 5279

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