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About this event; In the information age, decisions are expected to be made instantaneously and task completed under time pressure. There has never been more reason to employ dynamic, resourceful and credible engineering leaders who can understand the wider context and strategical aim(s) and then relate these (a leadership challenge) to the complex teams of engineers; all the while conscious of the need to prevent pressure reaching the ‘coalface’ and impacting on the engineer/team (a leadership challenge), enabling the engineering function to happen. John Tucker talks about his experiences, in particular, drawing on two particular case studies, from his 13 years in the Army, both involving high-pressure situations and risk to life but highlighting the need for robust but agile engineering leadership and management. He provides an insight to a new leadership philosophy encompassing skills-based and servant leadership styles which enabled him to execute his duties to inspire his teams to meet the required goals while protecting them to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Wednesday 16 6.00PMJanuary


Austin Court

80 Cambridge Street

B1 2NP Birmingham GB

0121 600 7500

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