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Drawing Workshop


The purpose of these classes is to teach the art of drawing as an end in itself, as well as part of the process of creating paintings, sculpture, prints, and different crafts such as embroidery, jewellery, and ceramics. Drawing is the bedrock of all forms of visual creativity; it gives a firm grounding to every aspect of artistic endeavour. Preliminary drawing was the invariable practice of great artists throughout the ages. Drawing helps us to look more closely, to see more clearly and to discover the truth of appearances. To draw is to see, and just as everyone sees the world differently, so everyone’s drawing will be different. It is good to look at drawings by past and present masters, and to learn from them, but no one should compare their drawing unfavourably to drawings by anyone else, or be discouraged if their drawing does not look like some imagined ‘right’ way; there is no definitive ‘correct’ way to draw. Drawing takes many forms, from the fleeting record to the considered study; no one style is right – everyone can draw in their own way. The aim of drawing at Artrix is to encourage an individual approach while introducing ideas and techniques of the Masters, so that with understanding and practice you can develop a personal style that reflects your way of seeing the world.

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