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Jack & The Beanstalk


The village of Merrydale is being terrorised by the nasty Giant Blunderbore and his vile henchman Fleshcreep. King Charles and Queen Camilla are being forced to act as rent collectors and are assisted, not so ably by Constables Block and Tackle, who threaten Dame Trott and her two sons, Jack and Silly Simon with eviction when she can't pay up.

The Trotts are forced into selling their beloved cow Daisy to raise the rent money, however Jack is tricked by the evil Fleshcreep on the way to the market and returns home with a bag of beans instead of the gold he had expected, Dame Trott is so angry that she throws the beans out of the window and sends the boys to bed.

In the meantime Jack’s girlfriend, Jill has been captured by Fleshcreep and taken to the Giant's castle up in Cloudland. In order to rescue Jill and Daisy, Jack must climb a giant beanstalk which has appeared during a magical UV scene overnight.

Once in Cloudland, he encounters an inept wizard and his group of Elves, Dame Trott, Silly Simon and the others eventually join Jack in Cloudland, the wizard warns them of Blunderbore’s pet yeti, who roams free in Cloudland.

With the help of the Panto Fairy they manage to rescue Jill and Daisy from the castle but with Fleshcreep and Blunderbore in hot pursuit, will they manage to escape back down the beanstalk to safety and a happy ending?

15 December 2018 –23 December 20182018-12-15T14:00:00Z2018-12-23T20:50:00Z



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