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Annabelle's Skirtingboard Adventure Cancelled


On stage is the furniture from a child’s bedroom, and Arthur, a boy who’s stuck at home, bored and wants an adventure. With the help of the audience he imagines a tiny elephant called Annabelle, and her friend Icarus the moth. Initially Arthur can’t understand Annabelle. She just sounds like someone trying to talk through a trumpet (to be exact she sounds like the musician Steve Pretty trying to talk through a trumpet). But with the help of the audience Arthur, Annabelle and Icarus start to understand each other. And the best thing is, when you’re as tiny as Annabelle a little bedroom becomes a huge mountain range. So the quest to reach the top of the bookshelf begins!

Saturday 29 2.00PMApril



School Drive

B60 1AX Birmingham GB

01527 577330

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